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observe, grow, engineer biological systems in space-based R&D labs

From therapeutics to vaccines, nutrition to agriculture, we can help you find your edge.


We build and operate satellites that house miniaturized R&D labs. These satellites are built for rapid iteration and are launched on demand as singular craft or as part of a larger fleet.
Our R&D labs allow for direct control over experiments in real time from the earth. The instrumentation on board caters to a wide array of applications including tissue engineering, protein synthesis, botany, strain optimization, microfluidics, and cellular or cultured evolution. Want to orchestrate your own instruments? We're flexible enough to work with your tools.
Lab to launch in as quick as 3 months!
Looking to test out your small sat or aerospace systems? Our sats are dual use and can provide real time feedback post biological missions.



Living organisms may be made predictable, even productive, through environment management and surveillance.
Our cell culture guidance reactors manage supervised evolution of systems to optimize and extract desired strains, enzymes, and other biologics.


Our bioreactors can grow the highest fidelity cell organoid and tumor models. These organoids, grown in space serve as a testbed for drug delivery systems, biomarkers, and large scale pre-clinical therapeutic development. Accelerating iterative progress towards clinical trials.


Over the next decade, hundreds if not thousands of space farers will need critical life support. We can help study and certify efficacy and safety of drugs for use in space.
For example, cosmic radiation can break down epinephrine and the solution inside of EpiPens, turning them from life-saving medicine to potentially toxic.
AGRICULTURE, BIOCHEMISTRY, ORGAN PRINTING, AND MORE! Speak with us about how we can help!


Our first satellite, carries two labs.
One of them houses our bioreactor to grow multiple independent cultures of animal muscle tissue on demand. With state of the art fluid handling, and spectroscopy, our customer - the Kaplan Lab at Tufts University, can better understand neuromuscular disease, effects of spaceflight, and protein production.
The other lab contains sensors made by Physical Synthesis that enable them to test their solution in high stress environments and deliver a uniquely human experience from Low Earth Orbit.

OCT 2023


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